well, I would suggest that instead of judging him, you let your daughter know that her dad is out and that hse should speak to him about the importance of being able to say goodnight to him. Frankly though... this will most likely disappear once you two are apart for good (if that is what happens). While the non custodial parent should make every effort to continue to keep in touch everyday... sometimes that is not possible for a host of reasons. It is a consequence of the circumstances of an A. When I was the non custodial parent, I talked to my son about 4-5 times a week (when he wasn't with me). That worked out fine for everyone. If your daughter needs to speak to him more, she should communicate that to him.

And as for the above post... he day to day routine and activities are also impacted by an A. So, yes, even her daily norms have been forever impacted.... even if you would be available for calls while you were with the OM.