Thank you. His parents just came over to drop off some things for DD to take to the beach. While they were here, I pulled MIL aside and told her. She is disgusted, to say the least. She gave me money and told me to protect myself. She is a therapist and thinks I should tell him its time to call a truce and move toward recovery or call it quits. She said his behavior is immature and unacceptable.

I already have an appt w/ the meanest D lawyer in the city when I get back from vacation. I have pulled all my funds from the joint account and moved them to one of my own to protect my finances.

He just called and was being "friendly", but was analyzing everything I said. I didn't tell him I found the photos. He asked what time he needed to be home tonight - something he hasn't asked since before DDay.

So I have to wonder ... was all this just to get even? Or does he really want out?

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