Some things going through my head all night while I wasn't sleeping:

* H has always been in Independent Behavior mode
* I have always needed affection and attention that he is unwilling to give
* H seems unwilling to go through this the MB way
* He is always right, no matter what
* I want a goody-two-shoes marriage from a bad-boy
* Maybe he isn't the marrying-kind?
* Maybe I'm too needy?

No, I'm not rewriting our marital history here ... these are just some things I'm thinking/feeling. I couldn't sleep last night. I had the sickest feeling in my stomach, like something bad was about to happen. I couldn't get things out of my head. I tried to pray, I tried to meditate, I even tried yoga at 3 am. Nothing helped. My mind was too powerful last night ... something isn't right.

Or ... maybe it was just the late-night brownie I had and everything will be fine today. Now I feel like the roller coaster. Is this normal? Am I going crazy?

Any words or 2x4s for me?

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