His honesty has been overwhelming as of late. The girl that I was concerned about when I first came to MB lives out of state and now I know that they were truly just friends ... however I had found that inappropriate IM log and they haven't spoken since I showed it to him. She works in his field and he needed a contact name/number. She was the only person that he knew that might have it. So, he called me and asked permission to text her for it. I approved. That night, I came home and he offered his cell phone for me to review the message for appropriateness. I didn't have to ... the fact that he was willing to show it to me on his own accord said plenty. You know, she never responded to his message. I'm guessing she got word that we're trying to repair our M ... I always thought she wanted more than a friendship with him. Good for her.

As far as figuring out my future career:
This has been something that I have struggled with for a long time. My H was never really that interested in helping me figure it out. He always said that it wasn't something that he could decide for me. Now, I have brought up what I am working on in conversation several times. Each time he has spent more time discussing it with me. When he finally realized that I wasn't looking to him for answers, he became more interested. I had to explain to him that I didn't need him to pick a career for me ... I just needed him to talk things through and to get his acceptance on my choice (whenever I finally choose). Now he's even offering ideas of things that I would love, even though they are far-fetched financially. It is nice to finally have his participation.

I told him Sunday night: "In the past week, you have been a better husband to me than in the 6 years we've been married." He asked me with a smart-alek smirk - "Collectively?" I laughed and said "No, not collectively. But I am so appreciative of the efforts that you have made. It means to much to see that you want to try." He smiled and looked down. It was precious.