Uh oh. Hiding the phone again, coupled with the abrupt attitude change means he could be in contact with OW again. Darn it.

Well nuts. I thought things were going so well. You two seemed to be connecting on a lot of different things but now it seems that was a false recovery. He's backsliding. I'm inclined to say that may be an indication you'll have to go into Plan B sometime soon. Dr. Harley uses a rule of thumb of 3 months of Plan A by women, and 6 months done by men. In one sense, you're well over the average for a woman to use Plan A. In another, you may want to keep trying for a while longer, if you can.

If there's no progress being made, if indeed he's retrogressing, then it may be time to start seriously planning a good Plan B. Have you secured your finances, spoken to an attorney if filing a writ for legal separation is necessary, found an intermediary where you can pass over custody if your DD will be spending part of her time out of your home and in his?

I think you have a little while to look over your Plan B while you evaluate where your WH is going but, unfortunately, I also think you're probably going to have to pull the trigger on a dark Plan B for the good work you did in Plan A to have any effect.

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