There has been no evidence of contact with OW, however there was a 15 min cell phone conversation with the out-of-town chick yesterday that he didn't tell me about. I had told him that I was fine with their friendship if and only if she was aware that he was working on our relationship and he informed me about contact with her. He had informed me last week of 2 text messages between them and even saved them in his phone for my viewing if I deemed it necessary. But I just checked the phone logs, and there it was ... a conversation that was rather lengthy (IMO) and I wasn't told about.

I can certainly continue Plan A a bit longer, but without a commitment from him soon I will be forced into Plan B.

I have seen an attorney. When I asked about legal separation, I was told that it was not necessary nor was it preferable in his opinion. I already have a separate bank account set up and can re-arrange any other finances quickly. An intermediary will be simple as well - both our parents and sisters will be willing to help there. As far as one of us moving out, he won't do it. I am being stubborn on this topic because I think that it is unfair for DD to move from her home and see her parents separate. But if I have to, I suppose I will move.

What do you think about his denial and lack of remorse for his A?