I see. I gave too much weight to the fact he was hiding phone calls again. Okay, would it be more accurate to say his committment to being open is kind of hit and miss, but not so badly that it's raising red flags for you?

Yes, Plan A cannot go on forever. If he keeps sitting on that fence, something must be done. It looks like you've given some thought to Plan B. My only question would be whether it might not be better to have a friend, instead of a family member available to do the pass offs? Family members tend to take sides, even when a person would swear it was very unlikely. It could create difficulties somewhere down the line. Just something for you to consider and decide.

TFC, his denial will continue for a long time, as will his lack of remorse. That's almost routine. I don't have a good feel for how long it takes for the WS's resistence to admitting what he/she has done and be sorry for it.


How about this. Why don't you start a new thread asking for some MB folks to give personal accounts of how long it took for their WS to begin feeling remorse, etc? You've seen all kinds of threads out here...you'll know how to word it. When the purpose of that thread has been completed, you can come back to this thread. Whatcha think?