I expect all personal contact with females to cease immediately.

TFC, you made the above one of your boundaries and then apparently agreed with him it would be okay to associate with her so long as he didn't discuss your marriage? You're sending him mixed signals and confusing the issue.

Look, it's as inappropriate for him to "hang out" with members of the opposite sex out on the road as it is for you to hang out with guys when he's not around. Members of the opposite sex are only friends when they're friends of the marriage. When he gets home, I would POJA this calmly and carefully, explaining how it hurts you for him to even be associating with that other woman in a social context.

But put this backsliding in context with the progress made over the past week. Don't let the low points in the roller coaster ride affect you so much because it appears they'll be offset by high points...and the trend is still upward. The glass is still half full, TFC.