Then he said that he's sacrificed his manhood, dignity, and integrity.

Exactly! Very normal feelings.
Grace. Enjoy time when he is there....enjoy what he IS willing to give right now. Avoid love busters and demands....
You can win this battle but need to focus.... grace should be your operative word.
Every single day you are looking for things to feed your negativity. STOP. Enjoy what he IS willing to give right now. Everytime you find yourself wanting to be negative... think GRACE. Negative = NAGATIVE.... is is that attractive? Nope.
I warned you months ago about your continued snooping...it is doing you more harm than good at this point. You would do better to work with him.
I do not recommend calls to the Harley's like others do here....but spend the money and make the call. YOU need a game plan and you need it now.
You will win this only if you focus and stop with the daily self absorption into negativity.

Come on TFC... get hold of yourself and focus on the end result here.