I had in mind you changing a password or two, or three, etc., and letting him know each one immediately. It's a good thing to do, security wise, and you don't have to say, "Hint, hint..." when you tell him. The idea will percolate down into his brain sooner or later.

As to how to let go, I only know it takes time...often lots of time. In my case, I wasn't at peace for about four years, but that was without any kind of counseling at all and some unique difficulties imposed on the situation by being in the military. All I can suggest, TFC, is to keep talking to your IC and MC about it so you can explore ideas with them and eventually find a resolution.

Why don't you set up another thread looking for advice on that specific issue? You've gotten some fresh ideas using that method in the past so maybe it'll bring in something this time.

Hang in there, lady.