The latest quote from WW's older sister...straight from facebook.

"What the ****** have you done? Why? WHY? After biulding security in your boys thru all this would you TEAR it apart because of your OWN INSECURITIES???
I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU WOULD DO THIS TO YOUR KIDS. You've upset no one else but your children"

...and my reply...

"I will say this one time.

I have not done "this"... (WW) has done this to the kids. The truth is what it is.

When you told SIL's son about SIL's EX being an alchaholic or other truths about him... were you hurting SIL's son... no he did.

The boys need to be taught about right and wrong. Keeping silent only allows the cycle to continue.

There are way too many secrets being kept... some that you don't even know about.

I won't answer the rest of your comments... it isn't worth it. Obviously others are upset... but that's not why I did it.

It's funny how everyone rallies around (WW) while she is having multiple affairs... and that is ok. In case you didn't know... she is already talking marriage with OM. His marriage ended because he slept around. I know you or the rest of your family WILL NOT believe this... but I did it because I love (WW). She obviously did not learn how damaging this behavior can be to everyone... most importantly herself. Half of the reason why I was able to be so patient the last two years is because I understood that she hurt herself more than she hurt me... and she is continuing.

If we didn't ever speak to each other again that is one thing... but what she is doing is still wrong. Is there ever any situation that infedility is ok? (Note... Mr. W. used your line... thanks)

That is what is hurting our sons. The truth that I told is the actions she is doing. I didn't have the affairs.

I know you all think I'm self-righteous... I am just protecting my family and I had a lot of advice before I made the decision.

Next time please think about what you are going to shout at me. How can I be doing this to the kids... it is her choices.

I don't understand the insecurities comment?

Do you know what is going on between WW and OM? Has she told you that nothing is going on?

You just don't see what is wrong here, do you?"

Any thoughts... drawn into too much... or ok babble cutting?


I wouldn't change a word. Your SIL is being dense and enabling. Those are both bad choices. You clearly state the obvious and you did it very, very well. You are not the bad guy here.

Oh, and I am a salesman <img src="/ubbt/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

But I don't fast talk and I don't flash money. . .some do and they are like bad lawyers giving a horrible reputation to those other lawyers who are not evil and totally self serving.