A couple of tidbits of info.

In my email to my son this morning, I made the Plan B mistake (although I haven't finalized Plan B yet) of telling him to give his Mom a hug from me... but not to tell her it was from me. He did... and he told her. She gave him a hug back for me.

He also said that she was trying to delete facebook from her computer. I have noticed that there has been no activity for the past couple of nights on it.

Don't worry, everyone... I don't need 2x4s. I am well aware that neither of these things mean anything. They are both probably meant to make my son feel better.

My younger son tried to call WW tonight at 1:00 in the morning (I know... delinquent Dad having them up that late). The phone was busy. Either talking to her sister because sh!! hit the fan after my email to BIL. or talking to OM. I think the boys might have thought that it was OM but didn't say it. I only said that it could be one of 3 people... they said "Nanny", Auntie, and who's the third...I didn't answer... then they said their other auntie. I left it at that, but knew it wasn't her at that time. OM was the 3rd guess. My son tried several times to call to say goodnight. They finally said that she probably left the phone off the hook. I left it at that... didn't encourage any thoughts. It is not unusual for her to be on the phone with her sister or Mom at that time. But more than likely, she has the freedom tonight to talk to OM with the kids here.

I saw that BIL was online tonight... I sent him a quick email asking if he got my other email. He didn't and hasn't responded. Don't know what that means... but it isn't my concern anymore. Like I said, if that backfires on me, it really can't get much worse for me anyway.


BH (Me) - 38
WW - 36
Married - 16 years
2 children - 10,12
DD1 - 05/30/05 - EA suspected, W wanted space
DD2 - 07/01/05 - EA/PA discovered & confronted WW
DD3 - 07/21/05 - Further contact discovered and now ended.
11/07/05 - exposed to OMW...
07/01/07 - separated to give "space". recovery was not progressing.
09/04/07 - DDAY all over... new OM.

Patience with God is Faith.
Patience with myself is Hope.
Patience with others is Love.