Welll here is the thing about trying to pursuade family members.

The ENTIRE issue for them is really about obediance to God even when it really...really makes you uncomfortable.

I'm not climbing on my high horse to pretend that I have my life at all times in all ways under discipline...but I will tell you that the areas which I have yet to conquer are the areas I am most vulnerable to deception and wrong thinking.

See, once I am able to stop struggling for control [with..oh let's see..the alpha and omega..ultimate creator...deity powerfull beyond space and time..yeah..nice fight I'm putting up huh? Maybe a few more push ups you think?] and accept that GOD determines right and wrong [and that there IS a right and a wrong]..not me...it becomes very EASY to make most decisions.

In your case..adultery is WRONG.

Poof. Period.

There is no excuse, no explanation, no list of reasons...literally NOTHING can change that verdict.

Your wife is in sin and her sin affects more than herself.

People have to decide whether they will obey God and call it sin...or obey their flesh and make excuse for someone they don't want to make angry or sad by saying "no".

That is the primary struggle Shaden...for them.

Either they aren't christians at all..in which case there is no question they will follow their flesh.

Or they are but they are in defiance...in which case you expose that and leave the discipline to God...he is more than capable.

So my advice is stand behind God and let him fight the good fight.

You tell your children that although you are hurt by her behavior...you believe that God created marriage to be a permanent relationship and that you hope ww will repent and turn from her adultery.

You tell the truth and let God do the rest.

He can convict and stir the heart beyond anything you could ever create under any circumstances.

Don't be afraid of their anger ...even if it is with you.

Cowards die many times before their deaths; The valiant never taste of death but once ~Shakespeare