I'm terribly prone to indecision and rationalization as well.

Since we are both christians I can share with you that in my belief it really all boils down to one question.

Will you obey God on this issue or will you not?

How is that for black and white?

Once you can say "yes" to that question the churning and the swirling and the attempts to control every variable and find the perfect answer stops [or at least gets much quieter].

The perfect answer may not FEEL perfect.

It might hurt or make people angry.

It might make conflict in your life.

The perfect answer is only perfect because it is done in obediance and lets go of the outcomes in favor of faith.

It is SCARY to get out of the boat Shaden...but I think it's scary trying to hold back the waves yourself as well because somewhere inside you have the despairing knowledge that there is NO WAY you are big enough for the job.

Cowards die many times before their deaths; The valiant never taste of death but once ~Shakespeare