I will be meeting with her to go over finances and schedule on Thursday night.

Should the Plan B letter be handed to her at the close of that meeting? Or should I wait to ensure there are no final details or communication about the details?

Also... I will go to the meeting with an idea of what I want. I will give her only one meeting to meet my expectations. If we cannot decide, then I will have a lawyer draw up an agreement.

I am thinking you should go to the lawyer so he can play the pitbull and negotiate favorable conditions for you and your sons. If you try to do this then the battle is between you and her. And that is the last thing you want on her mind before you go dark. If the lawyer does it, then he is the bad guy.

Would you be able to hardball negotite with your own wife? For example, you should not be paying her any money [not for her condo, car, alimony, etc] and should probably get primary custody of your kids. Can you negotiate all that without hard feelings?

Remember also that you need to leave GOOD FEELINGS on the table when you go dark, so strategically, it would be best to get this all negotiated and in place and THEN go dark when the dust has settled. Get the plan in place and work out all the kinks before you go dark, lessening the need for any communication.

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