This book is helping me understand why I have been an emotionally unavailable man. I have come to a lot of these conclusions on my own in the past couple weeks, but it helps spell it out. The book His Needs/Her Needs might be my next read. And I will have to read more of the Book suggested above: Every Man's Battle to make sure that I have control over my urges that I have made habit out of responding to.

The fact is, I am not a victim, and I have the ability to Respond to my surroundings VS. Reacting to them. I can make conscious efforts and not just react to them out of habits and "programming" from my childhood. I am in Control now, and I AM AWAKE! I will not be a leaf in the wind anymore, and I will own my emotions and be responsible for my actions! Thanks!!!

Engaged-1 yr.
Married-6 yrs.
Kids-4 and 6
W-3 yrs older
Young couple headed for 30.