Alright TST, since you've got it all figured out, what would YOU suggest I do then, since you're full of criticism for what I'm doing?

It's easy to shoot down what somebody's doing, but it's another thing to suggest what the right thing is to do, and as of yet, I haven't heard that from you.

So if you feel that what I'm doing is so wrong, then what is your opinion of the right way?

We aren't perfect. We aren't living in a perfect world or perfect situation. As I stated before, an ideal situation would have been to repair the M - but that didn't happen. So now I have what I have, and I have to make the best of it, which is what I believe I'm doing.

A good Christian, IMO doesn't shun others who are *also* imperfect, rather, we should forgive them and love them anyway. I guess in the end we'll all have to answer for our own interpretations of Christianity, eh?

BTW - my friend whose XH visits... SHE moved away from him with her daughter, so if you feel a need to slam that situation, slam her, not him.

In my instance, XH and I live less than 1 mile apart. He could have moved closer to his workplace - but he chose to remain in this area to be close to his kids, and I respect him for that. On the same basis, I wouldn't move away with the kids either. They need their father.

Unless you've got a magic bullet, I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree. Given all the choices before me, and before us, XH and I came to an agreement on what we felt was best for all. And if you consider it unChristianlike of me to also consider that he might have been alone on Christmas, then so be it.


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