DKA, from all I've read and seen posted here, 2 years until really considered recovered.

Maybe the long term MBvets can give you more specifics but I truly think it depends on each individual couple.

It sounds as if you and your H are doing well and on the right road.

I'm at the 6 month mark too. I know what you are feeling about the wall and the disgust. Time, Effort, Focus are the things that will eventually make the difference...I HOPE. I also think consistancy from your WH will be a key...earning that trust back and hoping again here that eventually the A is a memory that is NOT forefront in your brain as often.

EA4-7/07,Dday7/29,NC 7/30/07
ME 47 WH 48
Married 30 yrs.
2 DD,4 GC
Found out