The real timelime for recovery of your M is a very subjectve thing. There are many mitigating factors that will directly affect this.

The majority of responses here will tell you two years. That's a pretty good rule of thumb, but it is wholy dependant on the efforts of both you and your Wh in terms of your strict application of MB priciples of R.

For instance, your WH will have to agree to become totally trannsparent to you in all matters that could possibly affect your emotions. Also, the policy of radical honesty and the policy of joint agreement as outlined by Dr H is absolutely essential. No M infected by infidelity will recover without it being firmly entrench in the recovered M.

I used to bristle when folks would say 2 years because for me it took closer to 4 years before I wouold even consider being vunerable to my FWW again. It wasn't till she fully embraced POJA and RH, that I could do that.

Guess I'm saying that the willines of your FWH to get on board with these MB princibles will make all the difference in your timeline. For the record, 6 mos. is still a very short time, and your anger phase is about to kick in. It's normal. That's why they call this a rollar coater ride. don't beat yourself up about it. It is a very necessary part of the grieving process and it too, shall fade.

Strap yourself in for the ride, you'll be in my prayers.

All Blessings,