Shinethrough -- That is what I'm asking about -- you mentioned an "anger phase" about to kick in. I get that this whole thing is a roller coaster ride, I mean I really get that at this point!

But are there some typical stages that I can expect along the way? I mean does this stage typically last a month or 6 months? Consider that we ARE doing things the MB way with NC.

Like if I'm heading into being angry and that's what normally happens around now it helps me understand what is going on inside of me (and explain that to my husband too) So we don't start thinking things are going downhill, but rather this really is a normal stage.

For instance I want to tell HurtingBadly, that you may think you're in a good place, but that will be short lived. It goes totally from doing good to feeling the worst pain of your life on and off for at least the first two months. So when you crash again and maybe right now you don't know if you will or not, it's normal and you will get through it. I feel so awful for anyone experiencing that intense pain at the beginning. I'm so sorry.