Remember this is a roller coaster and if contact is still going on, there is NO RECOVERY.

It hardly seems fair that we are the ones doing the changes, we are the ones alway giving, but that's about what it is. And I guess we get to choose if we want to take this place and fight the fight.

I have no idea if my WH will ever consider me more than trash, but whatever happens, I KNOW I did my best and NEVER gave up. Though I wanted to.

I still cry myself to sleep at night holding the torah. I still am in shock that he has completely left us to be with a crack addict with hep C. But I keep fighting.. and most of all.

I HAVE FAITH IN G-D AND LET HIM HAVE THIS. You can do the footwork, but in the end G-d is the one who will recover our M. So are you close to him?

BS 52, FWH 53, Married 1-1-84
D-day 5-14-07, WH moved in with OW
Plan A 9 months, DARK Plan B 3-17-08 until 3-2-09
WH and OW broke up 1-09
Started over 7-09