"She has no love for me and can't ever get it back" FOGSPEAK

"She's still in contact with this guy and won't quit with the contact" FOGSPEAK

"She says she doesn't want to run off with this guy, just wants to be left alone" FOGSPEAK

"She won't leave the house and neither will I. Wants me to move out." FOGSPEAK

Geezus... were you at my house this weekend? Scary similarities.... and amazing how much easier it is bear when I hear that you heard the same exact thing. Wow... exact same words, literally. I wish I could be as strong as I am telling you to be. Scary similarities though... Do not leave. I had to leave for one night, broke down and just could not bear it, could not function. But now I'm back and trust me I shouldn't have left, so DON'T LEAVE!!!! No matter what!!! She'll tell you she'll call the police, say "OK" and walk away, don't leave unless they make you. I think WS's almost never follow thru with that one.