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Hold has always mentioned his concern in a divorce would be that Mrs. Hold would lose weight, find some other rich guy, and have a wild time on vacations in the Bahamas. It is a rational thought.

Not my concern, my prediction. Although perhaps in prior years it would have been more of a concern.

At this point, I am with Seabird. If she loses weight, finds another guy, and leaves me, I am happy for her. I only hope that they get married so I don't have to worry about alimony.

I am not concerned if other guys want her. Why should I begrudge her happiness if I am free to seek it for myself? And as long as she gets to be the "bad guy" with the kids, well, that cuts down on the pain of divorce considerably. Let's face it, "Dad stuck by you all those years while you were heavy and then as soon as you lost weight you dumped him" is not going to endear her to the kids. Plus, if she takes an eligible guy off the market, that improves my odds with the available women!

When you can see it coming, duck!