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Last time she called me, about five years ago, I told her never to call again.

It hurt, and still does to think about it.

Do as I say and not as I do. Let it go. If she found happiness, that is the best you can hope for.

A few weeks ago I called the only guy I still keep in touch with from growing up. He lives a thousand miles away, and I had not heard from him in a while. He is divorced. As soon as the divorce was finalized, his ex married a wealthy doctor. They live it up in a big house, and take his kids on fancy vacations, etc.

He is not wealthy, but he lives in a modest apartment with his girlfriend, who I understand is retired military. They have plenty of sex. She cooks for him. He claims to like her very much.

But all he could do was focus on his ex. How little sex they had while they were married. How she slept with other guys as soon as they separated. How she remarried as soon as they divorced. How she went for a guy with big money.

I told him to let it go. Why should he care how she lives now? If the step-Dad can provide material items to his kids, good for the kids. At least the doc married the ex so my friend is off the hook for alimony.

And most of all, my friend has a dream woman of his own. Treats him well. Not stuck up and materialistic. Has plenty of sex with him. Isn't his life now a whole lot better than back when he was married to someone who belittled him and refused to have sex with him? I told him he is living my dream for what life would be like if I ever got divorced. I wanted to reach through the phone wires and slap him silly for not seeing the obvious. Or for not appreciating it.

As I said, wholeheatedly support Mrs. Hold in this endeavor. I hope she is successful. I hope she loses weight and adopts a healthy lifestyle. I hope she can continue to make better choices long after the competition ends. And if that ends up triggering our divorce, I hope I will wish her well.

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