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Anyway...carry on. It was a weak point.

No, it was a valid point. Thank for the warning. It is exactly how my friend feels. And I think in the past the way I would have felt. I would have focused on the unfairness of her behavior.

Today I am more focused on my own role in this. And on my own personal growth. Which is not going well. And needs my effort. More than worrying about Mrs. Hold. Which accomplishes nothing.

I came here to share good news. I thank everyone for their warm wishes for Mrs. Hold.

I also thank everyone for their words of warning. I think they are valid predictors of a reasonably likely outcome.

And frankly I am proud of myself for my reaction. Which I think is a relatively mature and healthy one. I wish the best for Mrs. Hold. Even if that brings major changes to our lives.

When you can see it coming, duck!