Dr. Seabird,

Thanks for sharing. One of the books that I have says that we are attracted to people who can fill our unfulfilled needs from childhood. Being slightly privy to yours (and in the midst of a huge thread-jack), I can readily understand why you were attracted to you. If you'd like some amplification of my thoughts, email me. But this does point out that in looking to have out childhood needs fulfilled by a partner, we neglect to consider their personal and psychological defects, as well as they unfulfilled childhood needs, which are often different from our own and often different from what we can provide.

I know now that the women I am innately attracted to are the worst for me and I try hard to address my attractions from a logical, rational, and reasonable to get the big picture.

Me: 48 XW: 44 DD: 15
Lived Together: 7 Married: 18 Total: 25 years
W announced divorce 11-3-2006, I moved out 11-7-2006, served papers 11-8-2006. Divorce final 12-19-2006. Life gets better every day.