Wow, you guys are making me feel emotionally mature for the first time ever!

I have 2 kids with Mrs. Hold. So in some ways we are spending the rest of our lives together no matter what happens (God forbid it turns out otherwise). I don't want her to be miserable the entire time. That is not good for my kids. And no fun for me.

Maybe I am being overly optimistic. Maybe I will be jealous of her new life. Maybe I will worry that my kids will like their rich step-dad more than they like me.

But for today, that is not the case. I think my kids love me and always will (especially if Mrs. Hold leaves me for another guy - I only hope he tries to buy his way into their good graces, more for my kids). I think my life will be easier if my ex-wife is happy.

And I think I have the same work to do on myself regardless of how she fares.

When you can see it coming, duck!