I agree that slow and gradual weight loss is best. I told her that when I congratulated her on losing weight 3 weeks in a row.

However, she is very disappointed and I fear that she may stop following the program if she always comes in "last". I'm not sure her doctor will give her thyroid meds, but the hope that the doctor may do so helps keep Mrs. Hold motivated to continue the exercising. She is meeting a friend at the gym today, so that is a good sign.

There is also the issue of what happens when this program ends on March 1. We hope Mrs. Hold will continue to exercise regularly, albeit not at the same pace as during the contest. If she "only" loses 10-12 pounds during the 8 weeks, she may feel she is so far from her goal and has made such little progress despite enormous effort that exercising isn't worth the effort. Whereas if she loses a little more during the contest she may feel more motivated to continue.

We'll see. Thanks for the response. Will keep you posted.

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