Hold, the first time I called Steve, when I explained the EN that I wasn't meeting was AS, for part of the session, he gave me a weight loss explanation that has carried me through the ups and downs. It was the switch, where now I BELIEVE that I can. Hold, it was great to hear how many people do this every day, and keep it off for good. I used to get discouraged and forget that part. I lost 20 pounds, and while I've plateaued a little, I'm still exercising, still moderating my eating, and feeling really good about it instead of discouraged.

I used to GAIN weight every year, and I feel so free knowing that if nothing else, I don't ever have to go through that again. The lousy feeling of clothes getting tight, and even worse, having to put the clothes in the back of the closet to make room for newer ones. I was so happy to give away my "heavy clothes," because I know I will never need them again. And I look forward to giving away the next set of clothes for good, too. I will be free to do that because I won't ever need them again, either. I encourage you to ask her to set up a call with him. Very motivational.

Me 40, OD 18 and YD 13
Married 15 years, Divorced 10/2010