Just wanted to caution that thyroid medications may not help her lose weight. At least, it wasn't the case with me or my sister. What it could do is make her feel less sluggish which could then make her feel more willing to be active,possibly.

Important to know that there is a laundry list of possible issues stemming from a sluggish thyroid, weight gain being only one of them. If she is depressed or approaching her 40's or in her 40's - she has more scenarios that would make weight loss difficult.

In my particular case, the only thing that seems to work for me is to cut out sugar, which can be difficult to stick with.

I think she's doing great, though, and if the doctor doesn't want to put her on thyroid medication, maybe wellbutrin would help her stay focused and less depressed. Sluggish thyroid has often been mistaken for depression and vice versa...


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