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Hold, I'm sorry this has happened to you. I know you probably don't want to hear this right now but you're just as responsible as Mrs. Hold. You didn't do enough to protect yourself and therefore you need to be accountable to that.

I know. I said as much in my post. I am not nearly as angry at her as I am at myself. I permitted this to happen. I must pay the price.

I hope you can find it within yourself to not cast blame. I'm sure your wife had no intentions of you catching this and I suspect she's going to have tons of guilt seeing you've contracted it.

I can refrain from blaming her. I doubt I will ever forgive myself.

She does appear to have tons of guilt. I have zero sympathy.

However, the things I'm hearing from you and other posters is really quite cruel and I would say quite disrespectful.

The only person I am disrespecting is me. And in my view, I deserve it.

Thanks for the honesty. I did not come here looking for sympathy. Nor did I come here to trash Mrs. Hold. I came to scream out my pain. And to point out the irony to the few people in the world who might appreciate it. It is not like I am going to tell anyone in person "isn't it ironic that after complaining about the lack of sex and remaining monogamous for 16 years I ended up catching a STD"?

When you can see it coming, duck!