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And I am unwilling to commit or invest that much. It doesn't matter how wonderful she is or how well we get along, I will not permit myself to ever be this vulnerable again. I am now so wounded and broken that I cannot commit to caring for anyone else. And I am not interested in being "cured" to the point where I could care that much about someone else.

So even if I got married again, I would not have both feet and my whole heart in it. As I see it, it wouldn't be fair of me to marry anyone under those conditions.

Do you disagree?

I agree it wouldn't be fair.

I'm gonna hold out hope that this won't always be your mantra. I'm gonna hope that love will pervail and you will one day want to trust someone enough to be, yet again, vulnerable and toss both feet and your heart into the relationship.

It doesn't necessarily need to be a marriage but it does need to be a healthy relationship. Who knows what the future holds.

I will agree that you are now better positioned to not let history repeat itself.

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