If you guys are gonna add songs here, at least link the songs so folks can hear what they sound like. Frankly, some of the lyrics are only memorable for a line or two.

This is not an indictment of a specific song nor of a genre of music, since until we can HEAR the music we have no idea what type it even is...

So, if the song is available somewhere, link it so we can HEAR the song. Don't bother to link to a subscription service like iTunes, Rhapsody, etc, since most folks won't be able to access what you pulled up under your account. Test your links before you hit <SUBMIT>. Also, don't link to down-loadable files on a peer to peer sharing site. That will get us all in trouble.

I also would ask that if you quote lyrics here that you indicate that they are a quote. Since lyrics are available in so many places on the web it is easy to copy and paste, but I have found that many of the sites have lyrics that are posted by users and are not always accurate. So before I post the lyrics, I read them while listening to the song and have found errors even in the few I have posted.

Songs without music are merely poems and while maybe beautifully written, thought provoking and expressive of our feelings are not really songs at all. Only when they are sung with music do they become songs.

So post anything you think is of value, but let us hear the song and be sure to check the lyrics for accuracy before posting.



And we have plenty of words around here...

Just read any of MY posts...

I can't tell any of you what or how to post but I did start this thread and ask that it be kept to songs and not just lyrics.