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Mrs. Hold probably felt the same way.

No, Mrs. Hold thought I was being modest as to my career abilities and "bragging" about a sex drive she didn't think I possesed given my lack of experience and generally passive nature. I don't think she believed she could "inspire" me to be different than I proclaimed to be. I think she thought I already was different than I proclaimed to be, and that she was shocked when I turned out to be exactly as I described myself.

Now, this is no excuse for the things she has done, but I think you need to know that if you come across as a decent guy, women will not believe that you can't or won't commit.

At this point in my life, I am not prepared to take on responsibility for what someone else believes. Under MB concepts, it is a DJ for me to assume I know what they are thinking or what motivates them. All I can do is be honest and let them choose their behavior. If a woman tells me she believes I will eventually commit to her, all I can do is communicate my feeling of how unlikely that is.

I have spent a lifetime worrying about how other people feel and how my behavior might hurt them. I have been a "nice guy". All it has gotten me is pain. If I am ever single, I am not going to take it upon myself to protect another person from themselves. I am going to ask for what I want. They are free to say no. If they say yes, it is not my responsibility to ensure they are saying yes for the "right" reason. Trying to put myself inside the other person's head is what got me into this mess in the first place.

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