That may be so, but he's got one hell of a millstone around his neck with Mrs. Hold. His decision to marry her has been a bane on his existence ever since. Luckily he has his two kids to offset that.

I would be depressed, too. It's more situational than chemical.

Hold's wife is a toxic person. She gives of herself to anyone but her husband, from whom she wrangled and extorted every last cent and shred of self esteem.

To put the icing on the cake, she has now given him her gift of disease from all the wild years of screwing and sucking lowlifes in bulk numbers. Of course, that's all she's given him, because she certainly doesn't provide Hold the benefit of wild sex.

F her weight loss, F her self esteem, F her comfort loving fat a$$, F her, period. She has taken a good man down.

Give the guy a little room to feel miserable. It's not exactly the Sound of Music over there.