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Get yourself out of the house. Find a buddy to go and do some skiing for a few days, or to just camp out in the mountains.

Easy, take it easy. Cat is right. It is not Mrs. Hold. It is me. My choices. I was like this before I met Mrs. Hold. Taking a vacation from her won't change a thing. I have gone camping with my college buddy several times. Went to my reunion with another buddy. She and the kids have gone away and left me home alone. I went to Switzerland 3 times by myself. She is not the problem. I am.

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Even if it means your kids will grow up just like you?


Now you see why I keep pushing for ECT or TMS. I am addicted to these choices. I am never going to voluntarily change. I don't understand why I can't convince any of the doctors to authorize more drastic treatment. I'm obviously not advocating very well on my own behalf.

When you can see it coming, duck!