MB assumes we have weak character b/c we do (i.e. ANYONE CAN HAVE AN AFFAIR).
This is meaningless.

Anyone can rob a bank. Anyone can rape a child. Anyone can mass-murder. Anyone can crate their dog. Anyone can do almost anything they want to do.

But does anyone?


And neither does just anyone commit adultery. It was part of who they were, though latent. It is part of who they will always be and perhaps, but not likely, latent again.

But adultery is not part of everyone. No more so than the worst mass murderer ever lived is part of everyone. Some people’s morals, ethics and character are better than mass murder and they are better than adultery. No apologetics required.

"Never forget that your pain means nothing to a WS." ~Mulan

"An ethical man knows it is wrong to cheat on his wife. A moral man will not actually do it." ~ Ducky

WS: They are who they are.

When an eel lunges out
And it bites off your snout
Thats a moray ~DS