Mrs. Hold has lost a total of 27 pounds and continues to exercise daily. Often she takes 2 classes per day. She should soon break through the 160 pound barrier.

Today she got tangible proof how far she has progressed. She had her annual mammogram, and each breast fit onto a single film. First time ever, since she only started getting mammograms after she gained the weight with D12. I congratulated her on her progress, and told her I hope that next year they can use one of the smaller size films - but that I will support her even if she continues to require a large film wink grin.

Also, we have basically resolved our sexual mismatch. I can no longer achieve or maintain erections, so I don't bother her for sex. She still hisses at me to stay on my side of the bed, but I no longer mind complying. Not the resolution I was hoping for, but less stressful than before.

When you can see it coming, duck!