I have never posted to you before, but read your posts regularly. Please forgive me for butting into this delicate subject. I may be a woman but I actually know a bit about it.

If you have not had it done, please consider having your testosterone levels checked. Testosterone is important for SO much more than sex in a man. It helps determine his moods, his strength, his ability to sleep and think clearly. Low levels make it difficult to exercise and muscle mass sometimes shrinks even if you are attempting to exercise. It affects the functioning of the thyroid and can affect the heart. Low tstosterone weakens the bones. You have many symptoms of possible low testosterone, including your depression.

Lower testosterone does indeed occur as men get older, but sometimes it just drops too low.

My BIL has been depressed for a number of years. He has become increasingly less motivated, lost weight, can't sleep and had all the accompanying sexual problems. My H and I really believed that low testo was the culprit. My sister was finally able to convince him to get it checked. Low and behold, his testo levels were at the bottom range of what is considered normal(200-900). He began to use testosterone supplements and HIS LIFE WAS TRANSFORMED. I am not kidding.

The impotant thing to remember is that testosterone is not produced by the body merely so a man can have an erection. A male body needs it for countless other reasons.

I have been DISGUSTED by doctors though who laugh when a man wants his levels checked or insist that as long as the level is at 200 or above that things are just fine.

I am condensing this because I only have a few minutes to write, but would SOOOO encourage you to consider this possibility. Not so you can have sex with Mrs. Hold, but so you can feel better than you have maybe felt in years.



Married-5/26/2001(2nd for me, 1st for him)