As long as you don't speciate in public, Hold.


I like your creativity, and was thinking of something fun to lengthen the soft pink netting, only a couple inches longer. smile

You're the coolest father on earth to look up a way to punk her dress a bit. IMO.

I think you make tons of love deposits with the way you meet the FC EN. I wonder if you do the same for MrsHold, too...where your verve shines to make whatever she is frustrated with less frustrating through humor, creativity and loyalty.

Did you consider my idea years and years ago to make a statement box for her as a gift? Where you type up in single sentences each thing you love liking about her...where you appreciate, celebrate, admire...and you cut them into little slips and put them in a fancy box, so she can pull one out whenever she wants?

You'd have to curb your humor impulse, though...I just flashed on you writing "I like your species."