HOW VERY COOL of you to do these drive-bys! I was imagining how this would work in my house because I'd *love* to have had something like this during the periods of time we seemed out of touch with each other. And I can imagine H saying short, witty things like this and I can imagine myself saying almost exactly what Mrs. H said (the self-depreciating comment about being lighter, etc.)., except that I'm pretty sure H would have gotten angry, accused me of taking the fun out of what he was trying to do, missing the point of what he was trying to do and then slamming me with "I'm just trying to lighten things up a little which is what you SAY you want. But with that kind of reaction, I'll never do that again."

This is not an assumptive DJ. This type of things happens all the time when my response is not what he wanted.

So, kudos to you, Hold. I think you made a sizeable lovebank deposit and perhaps, since you weren't expecting any specific type of comment or reaction in return, her reply didn't make any withdrawal for you!