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I wasn't thinking of you meeting her ENs more...or that you don't do sufficiently...I was thinking this would be for you.

You mean she would give ME compliments? Oh, well, she does that from time to time. Problem is, I don't care. I don't want compliments. I want sex. And I want her to get a job and help pay down the credit card balances.

Compliments from her are not "rocks in the river" to me. They are grains of sand in the river. They don't pile up to make a bridge. They get washed down stream.

I understand that is partly about my internal dialogue. When she gives me a compliment, my internal reaction is "yeah right". Or maybe "so what". I don't feel thankful for the compliment. I feel like it is either a lie. Or besides the point. If she really thinks I am smart or funny or a good father, then she should show her appreciation by jumping my bones. If she doesn't want to jump my bones, I don't care whether she thinks I am smart or funny or a good father.

After all, plenty of people here and at work think I am smart and funny, but that still leaves me watching Cinemax in the living room at 1:00 am.

When you can see it coming, duck!