Hold...question for you...have you figured out how much it might cost you if your wife DID work? Just wondering. I'm speaking in terms of actual cost. I'm not saying she shouldn't, but it was often a topic of conversation when I was working at a place with a lot of young women, many quitting after they had their first child.

For instance:

1) Would it possibly put you in a different tax bracket?
2) Would she need to keep her wardrobe updated?
3) Would she be brown bagging it or not?
4) Gas and car maintenance?
5) Childcare?
6) Would she be expected to take time off work if one of the children got sick, or would you be willing to share that duty? What would you do with your children during the summer?
7) Would it end up where you did all of the housework versus what you're doing now?
8) After all of that is subtracted from her paycheck, would what is left be worth not being home with the kids?

Just some things to consider. Like I said, I realize she has a lot that she needs to do to redeem herself, but wondering if you've thought it through completely.


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