Bubbles, you know I love you, but please tone down the attacks on Mrs. Hold. Thank you.

Originally Posted by Bubbles4U
No one could live with a woman like that much less have sex with her. No one could trust a liar like Mrs Hold. No one.

You mean no one healthy or sane. I have lived with her for over 18 years. I have had sex with her for 18 years. I trusted her for many years after I found out about the overspending.

You are correct that no one should accept such behavior and expect to be happy. Or to stay sane. Lord knows I haven't been able to. But it is clearly possible to live this way. After all, someone has. MrRollieEyes

Moreover, I don't think it has been a picnic to live with a pessimistic negative non-self-respecting person like me, either.

When you can see it coming, duck!