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Wow, this may be our first POJA ever!


Wow, the world must be ending and h.e.double.toothpicks must be freezing over! Maybe the Aztecs and Nostradamus are right about 2012! (j/k)

I have been doing occasional drive by honesty the past few weeks.

Again, YAY!!!

Every so often I mention something I like sexually. Today, she said the clinic told her to take it easy for a few weeks (no gym). I said then I guess I'll be in the living room for a while. We joked about how awful it will be for her to not be bothered by my snoring, bad breath, hairiness, etc. for several weeks. At one point she said "eventually you will have to move back in to our bedroom". I said "you are never getting me back into the bedroom". She asked "are you joking or serious". I said "a little of both". She asked again "are you serious?" I said "yes, partly".

That would be a major change in our relationship. If I stayed in the living room after she recovers from her illness. That would make our emotional estrangement crystal clear to the kids. And set an example I am not happy setting. We shall see what happens when she recovers.

Ah, but wouldn't it make it more obvious to her how serious you are?

Is there a way you can avoid sleeping in the same bed as her without the kids knowing? (Dishonest to the kids, yes, but still...)

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