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Hold...have you ever considered seeing a lawyer about your chances of primary custody or just to get your ducks in a row and see what would be in store for you if you did divorce her?

Have talked to lawyers. My chances of getting primary physical custody are zero if Mrs. Hold also wants it. Financially, I have a pretty good idea where we end up given our relatively minimal assets. Neither of us can live as we desire on a portion of what I make. Either we move outside the school district or big downward mobility or both. Most likely both.

Have you ever considered that perhaps your wife has more sense than to get mixed up with someone who would hurt your children? How about you? Any guarantees that in the event of a divorce you would not get mixed up with someone worse than your wife? Or someone who is a detriment to your children in some way?

I know it could be worse. I know in my present condition I would only be attractive to predators. That is why I stay married. To keep the predators away from my kids.

I am not saying my wife would AIM for someone who would harm our kids. She would not. It is precisely because I fear that other imperatives would push her to strongly desire a relationship with someone who can offer FS that I fear she might be an unsuspecting victim. I am confident Mrs. Hold would dump any guy who made moves on our daughter (if she didn't rend him limb from limb). Not so sure she would detect it before it happened.

As I say, in our current states we are both vulnerable and thus most attractive to predators. Hence prudence dictates we stick together.

How would you feel if everyone here stopped posting to you? Would you get really really bored and finally do something? Just wondering?

I would miss it. But not be motivated to take action. I took a break here for a few months. Made no difference in my activity or motivation level. I would just find another way to distract myself. At least this place keeps throwing good advice in my face. Perhaps some day I will be receptive to it.

When you can see it coming, duck!