I won't cut and paste. But I might have some more "drive by" honesty. Who knows, I might even slip up and have an entire conversation.

I should mention that D12 was in the room when Mrs. Hold asked me when I was moving back in. So I had to be brief in my responses. Especially since I felt somewhat ambushed in that setting.

Perhaps in a few weeks when Mrs. Hold is feeling better, and is able to stay up late enough for us to have a conversation without the kids overhearing, we can discuss this in more detail.

LAs point is the biggest one. I need to live in accordance with my "code". The fact that I feel so much anxiety over honesty shows that I am not doing so. Even as I say that staying married to Mrs. Hold is my highest priority. Obviously, I am lying to myself about that.

I know you are all praying that I find the motivation to stop doing that. Well, at least those of you who are not praying that I just "shut up already".

When you can see it coming, duck!