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I have enough friends, you know?

No, I don't know. But I'll take your word on it. stickout

trying to reconnect with you in this state would be difficult for her?

Not difficult. Impossible. I am not open to her reconnecting.

We can sit back and say that your state is due to her, but where does your own responsibility fall in this?

My state is not due to her. It predates meeting her by decades. Marrying her just reinforced all my bad tendencies.

Hold...how do you feel about going on an AD for a while? Possibly getting some more counseling? No offense intended. Do you think it may benefit you to go perhaps once every month until you are in a better position to decide your future for sure.

No offense taken. Been in counseling before. Been on AD meds before. Doubt going back would benefit me. But probably worth getting my files from the various docs so I can recreate the history of what I tried before.

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