I feel plenty of anger. The constant mantra inside my head when I am not distracted is "FYB, FYB, FYB". But as you say, I do not show it externally as anger. Externally I am sometimes pleasant. Often depressed. Rarely angry.

During marriage counselling, I sometimes expressed my anger. The rest of that session, and frequently the bulk of the next session, was then devoted to my expressions of anger. Not the lack of sex. Not the overspending. My anger. My anger was seen as justification for Mrs. Hold not having sex with me. This occurred with several different MCs over several years. So I learned not to express my anger.

No wonder I am so depressed! Now, what do I do about it? I think Telly's idea of kick boxing is a good start. I think Mrs. Hold has a Tae Bo tape stashed somewhere.

When you can see it coming, duck!