HOld, let me know how the tae bo thing goes--and then you should check out a real kickboxing class at your gum.

Well, I don't actually take anti-depressants, and I am learning to deal with my anger.

On Sunday, my H and I had an iI did have an interaction that left me very angry. I walked away from the situation, and left him with the girls while I tried to calm down. I journalled, and tried to give voice to the feelings I had inside.

I was getting close, talking about how angry I was, but I couldn't get the anger to ebb. Finally, I tapped into what I really wanted to say in that moment... It was "Ignore this, A-h--e" with a big punch at the end of it.

As I imagined that exchange, the anger actually faded.

I think we have to acknowledge our anger in the deepest, and most REAL place possible. We can't let of our anger unless we give it a voice, a place, and let it breathe. Then it can quiet again.

Anyway, I was able to completely calm down, the anger ebbed, I went back and we worked through the issue.

There are other ways to get it out--that's why I think the kickboxing is a good option.

Me 42
H 46
Married 12 years
Two children D9 and D4 !